Natural antioxidants for optimal telomere protection

DNA Telomere Formula contains powerful natural antioxidants, the activity of which curbs the shortening of telomeres by protecting them from oxidative stress, a process known to contribute to cellular ageing. To combat oxidative stress, maintain telomere length and thus protect DNA, the following herbal extracts have been synergistically combined in DNA Telomere Formula : Terminalia chebula, Astralagus, Rhodolia, N Acetyl-Cysteine, Broccoli Sprout Extract and Alpha Lipoic Acid. which contains tannins with antioxidant and cytoprotective effects. 

 The combination of these herbal extracts in a single capsule means this supplement offers the following benefits:

- telomere protection from powerful natural antioxidants;
- reactivation of telomerase via the activity of certain bioactive compounds.

Natural extracts to reactivate telomerase
In addition to protecting telomeres, DNA Telomere Formula reactivates telomerase. Considered the ‘immortality enzyme’, telomerase counteracts telomere shortening. This enzyme, the discovery of which was rewarded with a Nobel Prize in 2009, halts the cellular ageing process by repairing telomeres and ensuring their growth. Given its key role in longevity, this enzymatic activity needs to be maintained throughout life. 

 The combination of these herbal extracts in a single capsule means this supplement offers the following benefits:

- telomere protection from powerful natural antioxidants;
- reactivation of telomerase via the activity of certain bioactive compounds.

Terminalia Chebula Slowed Telomere Shortening by 45% 
In the study, human skin cells (epidermal keratinocytes) were cultured with and without continual administration of Terminalia Chebula. The telomeres of the treated cells were found to shorten at a rate of 192 base pairs per doubling (bp/PDL) while the control cells lost telomere length almost twice as fast - 342 bp/PDL3.

As a result, the treated cells were able to divide 40% more before growing old.

It has recently been established that oxidative stress accelerates telomere loss. Researchers tested Terminalia Chebula's effect both on oxidative stress and telomere shortening and concluded that "T. chebula extract could slow down the telomere shortening rate by inhibition of oxidative stress."

In another study, scientists took human cells and exposed them to harmful UVB light. 

Half the cells were treated with Terminalia, half the cells weren’t. The result? The telomeres in the cells that weren’t protected by Terminalia got shorter—much shorter. In fact, they shortened almost twice as fast.

It turns out, Terminalia contains special flavonoids that protect your telomeres from shortening. Terminalia also increased the longevity of cells by as much as 40% — while protecting telomeres from shrinking.


UCLA scientists found that a chemical inside astralagus is powerful enough to slow down and even prevent telomeres from shortening.

Like other kinds of cells, immune cells lose their ability to divide over time as the telomeres on their chromosomes become progressively shorter with each cell division. As a result, the disease-fighting ability of immune cells becomes compromised with age. In the new study the team at UCLA found that the compound, cycloastragenol, derived from  Astragalus root, can prevent or slow the progressive loss of telomeres in key immune cells, potentially making it a key weapon in the fight against HIV and other viral diseases.

Isomers extracted from Astragalus slowed down telomere shortening rate, reduced DNA damage and improved DNA repair ability.

According to a study published in the Journal of Immunology, substances within astragalus root (called cycloastragenols and astragalosides) can slow the aging process by activating telomerase enzyme production (responsible for telomere regeneration).

Another way to slow down telomere shortening is to boost your glutathione levels.

Glutathione, as you may know, is your body’s “master antioxidant.” It helps fight infections and removes toxins from your body.

Now scientists have discovered that having more glutathione can lengthen your telomeres almost as much as high-intensity exercise.

But you can’t take a glutathione supplement, to get more. Because it never gets past your digestive system. So the answer is to take something that helps you make more of it.

One proven way is with N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). NAC not only boosts glutathione, it strengthens your telomeres. In lab tests with animals, NAC boosted telomerase and increased telomere length and may even slow down aspects of aging.

In human studies, NAC kept cells from going “dormant.” And slowed down cellular aging by scavenging free radicals.

Some experts say boosting your glutathione is your “best insurance” against DNA errors. It’s that powerful.

The Super Power In Broccoli

You know that eating vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower is good for you. But do you know why these vegetables are so healthy?

One reason is an organic sulfur compound called sulforaphane. Sulphoraphane is a natural detoxifier. It helps your body get rid of many types of free radicals and environmental pollutants. And one of the best sources of sulforaphane comes from... Broccoli seed extract.

In scientific studies, broccoli seed extract squashed oxidative stress and supported healthy cholesterol levels.

And now, scientists have discovered that broccoli also protects your telomeres. Broccoli seed extract has been found to significantly boost telomerase—the enzyme that lengthens your telomeres.

So if you don’t get a heaping helping of broccoli every day, do the next best thing: Add broccoli seed extract to your telomere-protecting program.