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Brain Tumour Shrinks

My father is 60 years of age.  He was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in August, 2015.  A friend of his bought him Gravi C capsules. The capsules are doing a great job.

This started as ulcers for so many years ago, only this year he was diagnosed with cancer.  He has internal bleeding which makes him very weak and has been in and out of the hospital many times due to low level of iron.  He did not go to the toilet very well, maybe once a week but with difficulty (Constipated). 

Ever since he used Gravi C, he has been much better,  gained some weight, going to the toilet better, regularly and not constipated.  His faeces has colour depending on what he ate, unlike before, the faeces used to be dark due to blood loss.

Patient 65 years old with breast and ovarian cancer. Patient had colostomy due to bowel obstruction. Under doctors care and treated with natural products including Gravi-C. Patient is convinced Gravi-C cured her cancer. All scans are clear and colostomy will be reversed.

It all started last year 18 September 2014 - the next day our son would have his 29th birthday. He had been to the doctor 14 times during the year and every time something else would be wrong. He was in terrible pain (stomach and chest) and nothing the doctor gave had any affect - it just kept getting worse.

He found it hard to sallow and was losing weight fast as he was not eating. We forced the doctor to send him for a gastroscopy.


We sat in the waiting room in the specialists office Monday morning waiting for the results. We did not expect this diagnosis in a million years!! The doctor ordered a PET scan as well - the result - Stage 4 stomach, liver and esophagus cancer. Our whole world was shattered - our son who was not even 30 had 3 types of cancer which was at it's end stage.    


The esophagus was totally constricted by the cancer - that's why he could not eat and had lost nearly 50 kg's - the stomach cancer was a football size growth of approx 30cm x 15cm and the liver as well. He would start chemo the next week. He was also given morphine 4 hourly for the pain. We are very religious and asked everyone we knew to pray for a cure for our son.


By some master plan - we ended up going to Dr Muir (an alternative oncologist). The next day she phoned us with the uplifting news that there was a trial programme she had got our son in which included Gravi - C (DNA Biopharm) and her supplements to help boost his immune system.


He drank 2 Gravi - C in the morning and 2 in the evening and some lifegain shake as he could not eat. After the 1st month the pain had stopped and he started eating small portions of carefully picked food from the doctors "green" list. He also discontinued the morphine. He started his chemo sesions as it had taken the medical aid a month to register him as a cancer patient and approve the chemotherapy.


Another astonishing fact was that in the 3 and a half months of chemo he had not got sick (vomited) once or had not lost any hair. Unfortunately he ended up in hospital with severe pain in his leg (Jan 2015) - a sonar revealed a blood clot in his leg. They could not start the blood thinning medication before doing PET scan as they were afraid that the football sized tumor in his stomach would start bleeding. 


Once done the doctor asked to see the original PET scan as he thought someone had made a mistake - all he could see was a 3 cm piece of cancer - the liver and stomach and esophagus were all clean in little over 3 and a half - 4 months!!! This amazed everybody- nobody had ever received results like this from chemo with stage 4 cancer- (they were unaware of the Gravi - C!!!


We praised the Lord for bringing Dr Helen Muir with Gravi C over our path - the doctors decided to operate immediately and remove the remaining 3 cm in his body.


He came out of hospital after 8 weeks (he ended up in ICU after the cut went septic) but when he came home we carried on with the Gravi - C as the medical aid would only allow a last PET scan, gastroscopy and blood tests for cancer counts after 6 months.


This day finally arrived on 20 August 2015 - the results - our son was cancer free!!!


This product which is made from natural ingredients and which was very affordable was the answer to our prayers and we felt that we would share this with everyone we came in contact with. There is hope for cancer patients - Gravi-C - and the world should know about it - our son has his 30th birthday next month on 19 September - Hallelujah!!


Kindest regards


Very thankful parents - Stephen and June Smit - Brackenfell Cape Town South Africa


Names have been blocked out due to professional reasons.

One of our Health Care professionals received this e-mail from a patient who was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

"To hear that you have prostate cancer must be the worst day of your life. Then someone put me in touch with you and that day turned out to be the best day of my life! You put me on Gravi-C and PSA Fast and made me believe that I would beat this.
And I did! ...
I visited my urologist on Tuesday and he gave me the all clear and my PSA levels are still NIL!
I thank God for people like you because if it had not been for you, I would never been able to overcome this."


 For the first half of last year, I had chemotherapy for malignant lymphoma which left me with various side effects one of which was neuropathy of the tips of my fingers.   It was so bad, I couldn't write, hold a pen, wear earrings etc.   After trying several preparations without any improvement whatsoever, I was recommended to try Neuro-fast by my Health Shop.  There was an immediate gradual improvement, and after taking only one capsule daily for six months it went away completely.   
Thanking you for this wonderful product.

I am a man of 62 years of age and about 18 months ago I developed this rash over my arms and legs.

I have attached some photos of "after and before" using your products the Xerio Caps, Xerio cream and the body wash Xerio wash (I know most people would send before and after photos but I blame this on my PC not allowing me to send them in this manner!!!)

I was diagnosed by a GP that my condition was eczema and then two different dermatologists diagnosing it as psoriasis! I was then told by both
dermatologists this condition would stay with me for the rest of my life.
The only treatment was to use a tropical corticosteroid ointment. On asking the one dermatologist if it wasn't my diet causing this he replied  - "you can eat spinach by itself for the next six months and there will be
absolutely no improvement!"

Not happy with having to use cortisone creams every day I decided to pursue natural remedies.  I started on Morenga, Tumeric, Dandelion and Milk Thistle capsules. I then happened to visit Earthwise in Nelspruit where I met Hester who suggested the Xerio products and said she had, some good results with
her customers suffering from the same condition. I then contacted you to ask you more about the products and my condition. You duly informed me it was a
result of an overloaded liver and I must give the products six months and maybe slightly longer -well these photos were taken eight months after beginning the treatment.

I cannot thank you and Hester enough for introducing me to your products and I have no objections to you using my story and photos as testimony to these
wonderful products of yours.

Kind Regards 
Duncan Mcleod

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