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The Importance of the Lymphatic System

As the largest circulatory system in the body, the lymphatic system plays an integral role in digestion, detoxification and the delivery of nutrients, like fats, for stable, lasting energy. The lymph starts as small finger-like projections, called lacteals, which run along the inside of the digestive tract. The lacteals absorb and transport both nutritional and toxic fats, lipids and proteins off the intestinal tract and into the lymph surrounding the intestines.

Undigested proteins, like gluten and casein, along with toxic fats, can take a major toll on the lymph. When these are not completely broken down by the digestive system, they are too large to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The lymphatic system takes up these undigested fats and proteins that can overwhelm and congest the lymphatic circulation. Environmental toxins, pollutants, pesticides, preservatives, and heavy metals – which are all fat-soluble – can also slowly congest the lymphatic system.

If the intestinal skin becomes irritated by undigested foods, toxins and stress, the lymph around the gut, called the Gut-Associated Lymphatic Tissue (GALT), can become congested. Many experts agree that this is where 80 percent of the body’s immunity lies. If this major hub of lymph becomes congested, due to poor digestion or stress impacting beneficial intestinal microbes, the entire lymphatic system can become congested compromising immunity, energy, and detox.


Skin and Respiratory Health

Congested lymph can back up into the Skin-Associated Lymphatic Tissue (SALT), causing many skin and complexion issues. The Mucus-Associated Lymphatic Tissue (MALT), which drains all of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract is linked to sinus and respiratory congestion and sensitivities to environmental irritants.



As a circulatory system, the lymph vessels are the drains of the body, supporting the better understood venous system. If these get congested, the body will have difficulty draining the waste out of the body, putting unhealthy pressure on the circulation system. This can lead to lymph congestion and the dumping of toxins into the skin, joints, and muscles, as well as fluid retention. 


Brain and Central Nervous System Health

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine discovered that both the brain and the central nervous system are drained by meningeal lymphatic vessels called glymphatics, indicating that there is a strong link between the immune system, which travels via the lymph, and the function of the brain and central nervous system. Glymphatic malfunction has been linked to autoimmune concerns, infection, inflammation, cognitive, memory and mood-related issues.


Cognitive Function

A new study has discovered that when people sleep, special lymph channels in the brain, referred to as the glymphatic system, actually open up and drain dangerous neurotoxins from the brain into the cerebral spinal fluid. 

The study suggested it takes about 6-8 hours of sleep to complete the brain drain plumbing process, which is compelling evidence that getting the correct amount of sleep matters.

The study found that the glymphatics are like hidden caves that open during sleep, and, much like the body’s lymphatic system, they drain toxic waste and proteins out of the brain. The study found that copious amounts of neurotoxins are drained during the natural sleep cycles.

The most well-known neurotoxin, beta-amyloid plaque, is drained through these glymphatics of the brain. The problem is that studies show that the less you sleep, the less these glymphatics can work and the more beta-amyloid accumulates in the brain.

The more beta-amyloid that accumulates in the brain, the worse you sleep and the worse your memory can become. Beta-amyloid plaque has been indicated in numerous cognitive and memory concerns that are only now starting to be more fully understood.

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The lymphatic system has three main functions:

  • It maintains the balance of fluid between the blood and tissues, known as fluid homeostasis.

  • It forms part of the body's immune system and helps defend against bacteria and other intruders.

  • It facilitates absorption of fats and fat-soluble nutrients in the digestive system.

The system has special small vessels called lacteals. These enable it to absorb fats and fat-soluble nutrients from the gut.

Your lymphatic system ia an important detox channel for your body. It filters and carries cellular waste and harmful bacteria into your bloodstream for your liver & kidneys to process and flush out and also plays an important part in delivering essential nutrients throughout your entire body. Over time, these lymphatic channels age and congest – which leaves them inefficient and results in swollen tissue around your legs, ankles, and feet.

If you’ve noticed your ankles are a little puffier… your shoes feel tighter… or your socks are leaving a red ring around your ankles… you need to take Lymph-Fast proven to support  healthy lymphatic function, clear blockages in the system and increase lymphatic flow.

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Keeping the lymphatic system or “the drains” of the body clean is critical to optimal health and longevity. Here’s why:

  1. It is both a detox system and nutrient delivery system, and the home of the immune system. Life cannot exists without it.

  2. It delivers fats as fuel for in-between-meal energy, in the form of triglycerides.  When not functioning optimally, this is a major cause of fatigue.

  3. Any proteins and fats that are too large to enter the bloodstream go undigested into the stomach and small intestine and are picked up and processed by the lymphatic system. This is directly linked to weight gain. 

  4. It drains waste from every cell and organ in the body, including the heart and digestive system. 

  5. It provides an immune detox defense for any toxins passing through the intestines, skin, respiratory tract and more. 

  6. The lymph system is vulnerable to the formation of scar tissue and distortion as we age, much like the cardiovascular system. 

  7. It drains 1,5 kg of plaque and other toxins from the brain each year. 

  8. Poor lymph drain from the brain and central nervous system has been linked to psychological, cognitive and immune concerns. 

  9. The lymphatic system moves primarily via muscular contractions or exercise. Lack of regular exercise can congest the brain and CNS lymphatic channels that drain the brain while you sleep. 

Everyone needs to cleanse their lymph system of all the wastes that have built up over a lifetime. Cleansing the lymph helps the body to cleanse every organ and system you have. The waste from each cell must be removed or the body will die in its own waste.

The lymph system transports lymphatic fluids but it also works as a filter, removing bacteria, microorganisms, dead cells, and other unwanted substances. In today's world, our bodies are inundated with an abundance of unwelcome matter and toxins that can block the lymph nodes, decreasing the body's ability to resist disease.

Over time, waste builds up inside the body and starts to clog organs, veins, and lymph which in turn can cause not only cancer but many illnesses such as swollen lymph nodes, skin problems, high cholesterol, sinus congestion, fatigue, and headaches due to a weakened immune system.

When toxic waste builds up in the lymphatic system it impedes the entire body's function. Because the lymph system is the foundation of the immune system, it is vital that its function not be congested by useless wastes that can be naturally flushed out with herbal formulas such as Lymph-Fast Capsules.

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Symptoms that can indicate that the lymphatic system is clogged.

There are several tell tale signs that lymphatic fluid is not moving effectively and that toxins are building up in the body.

  1. Bloating

  2. Swelling in the fingers/rings fitting more tightly

  3. Brain fog

  4. Digestive issues

  5. Parasites

  6. Depression

  7. Sinus infections

  8. Skin problems/dry and or itchy skin

  9. Enlarged lymph nodes

  10. Chronic fatigue

  11. Feeling sore or stiff when you wake up in the morning

  12. Unexplained injuries

  13. Excess weight

  14. Cold hands and feet

  15. Constipation

  16. Worsened allergies

  17. Food sensitivities

  18. Increased colds and flu


Unlike the circulatory system, in which the heart acts as a pump, this system has no pump.  But there are certain things that you can do to activate your lymphatic system and get it flowing and removing toxins again.

Lymph-Fast is a synergistic formula designed to boost and detoxify the lymphatic system.

Many people need a 2-3 month lymph cleansing to get the lymph up to optimal function and is best taken for a 2-3 month period any time of the year to thoroughly detox the lymphatic system.

Lymph-Fast combines five powerful time-tested, lymph-cleansing herbs: 


Red Root

Red root is perhaps one of the best lymph decongestive herbs available. It works best for congested lymph and to offset age-related accumulation of fibrous tissue which can compromise optimal functionality. For sleepiness and heaviness after meals, mild swelling of the extremities and reduced digestive fire, red root scrubs the intestinal lymphatic-collecting ducts that deliver fats and proteins to the blood and supports a healthy and efficient drainage system. 

Stillingia root

Also called queen’s root, stillingia is indicated for a congested lymphatic system and mucous membranes. It is an effective detox agent for a congested lymphatic system. 



A rejuvenating scrub for the lymph. It is particularly beneficial for the Skin-Associated Lymphatic Tissue (SALT) and a powerful boosting agent for the lymphatic system. When the lymphatic system is congested or toxic, the immune system is stuck in traffic. This can result in hypersensitivity reactions all over the body.


Cleavers is a blood and urinary tract cleanser and also enhances the function of the lymphatic system, decreasing congestion and inflammation in the tissues. This herb improves the capacity of the lymphatic system to deal with toxins.

Burdock Root

Burdock is one of the only herbs that can stimulate lymphatic drainage (since lymph pumping is usually manual and requires exercise!) Because of this lymphatic cleansing ability, and its incredible plant chemical composition, burdock is a major cancer fighter, skin clearer, and liver healer.

Each 400mg Vegi-Cap contains Red Root Extract 150mg; Cleavers  50mg;. Stillingia Root Extract 100mg; Burdock Root 50mg; Astralagus 50mg. Contains no preservatives or fillers.

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