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A Research-Backed, Shelf-Stable Synbiotic with Three Spore-Forming Bacilli Probiotics

Promotes gut health1,2,3,7
Supports digestive health  14,15,16
Promotes healthy bowel movements 2,7
Supports relief from digestive discomfort 2
Promotes immune health 4,8,9
Supports immune system modulation 4,8,9
Promotes healthy microflora balance 3
Shelf-stable probiotics 10
Safe for oral consumption11,12,13
Heat-stable and resistant to stomach acid 3

Statements Based on 6 Billion CFU Per Serving

Helps support recovery from post-viral infection 4
Promotes recovery from post-viral fatigue 5,6
Promotes healthy immune levels4,8,9
Supports immune system modulation4,8,9
Helps stimulate tolerance of allergic rhinitis symptoms 8,9
Helps improve symptoms associated with upper respiratory tract viral infections 4,8,9

Supports healthy inflammation levels 4
Helps resolve IBS symptoms 1
Helps in the management of functional
gastrointestinal disorder (FGID)
Helps improve quality of life for people with gastrointestinal distress 2
Promotes normalcy in stool formation 2,7
Supports recovery from diarrhea 2,7

Unlike DNA-PROBIO, other probiotics don’t have a protective endospore that allows them to survive the harsh acidic conditions of the stomach. Many don’t reach the gut, limiting their efficacy.

A Natural Product Number (NPN) is granted by Health Canada after a rigorous regulatory review of scientific evidence to provide consumer reassurance that the natural product is safe, effective, and high quality. Health Canada also approves specific health claims for product labeling and advertising. Health Canada has approved the following claims for SEBiotic®, SEBtilisTM and SEBclausiiTM.

SEBiotic® (Bacillus coagulans LBSC)

Helps to relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) such as abdominal pain, bloating, cramping and nausea.
Helps support a healthy gut flora.
Source of probiotics.
Supports the maintenance of digestive health.

SEBtilisTM (Bacillus subtilis PLSSC)

Source of probiotics.
Helps support intestinal/gastrointestinal health.
Helps support digestive health.

SEBclausiiTM (Bacillus clausii 088AE)

Helps reduce the symptoms related to antibiotic-associated diarrhea.
Source of probiotics.
Promotes a favorable gut flora.
Helps support the maintenance of digestive health


The manufacturing facilities are GMP-certified and include: clean room production systems; environmental controls to monitor temperature and humidity; food-safe wall panels and epoxy floors; refrigerated raw material storage; and much more as part of a complete quality control system.

Rigorous Testing

All products are tested in the in-house ISO-17025 certified laboratories in California. They test at every step of the process, from raw materials to finished goods. In addition to enzyme assays and probiotic counts, the testing capabilities include identity, heavy metals, and microbiological testing.

Each 600mg DNA-PROBIO vegetable capsule contains 600mg of ProbioSEB CSC3™. Contains no fillers or preservatives 

Intestinal microflora balance can be disrupted by factors such as antibiotics, stress, alcohol, among others, which can lead to diarrhea, cramping, bloating and overgrowth of opportunistic organisms. Supplemental DNA-PROBIO promotes a healthy gut microbiome.

Benefits of probiotics

Defense against pathogens

Your digestive system uses its good bacteria to fight off harmful bacteria known as pathogens. When you consume more probiotics, you’re allowing good bacteria to kill pathogens and prevent them from multiplying, enabling you to remain healthy. Not only can probiotics satisfy shortages of good bacteria, they can also encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms that already exist within your body.

Nutrient synthesis

Probiotics allow your body to combine nutrients in order to create powerful vitamin compounds that the body does not naturally produce. B12 vitamins and vitamin K are both examples of synthesized nutrients.

Supports a healthy immune system

One of your immune system’s first lines of defense is inflammation. But too much inflammation can lead to other health problems. Probiotics support the immune system and prevent inflammation from becoming too large of a problem.

Probiotics and your gastrointestinal system

While various strains of probiotics can benefit different systems in the body, a lot of emphasis is put on the relationship between probiotics and gut health. Research has suggested that probiotics may help treat symptoms associated with:

  • IBS

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Ulcerative colitis

  • Diarrhea

While no definitive conclusions have been drawn, studies have shown a 60% reduction in antibiotic-associated diarrhea when compared with a placebo.


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