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CerebroFast is a synergistic combination of specific nutrients that actively target the root causes of dementia and memory loss. Can be used by students to improve cognitive function.


Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, and eventually even the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. In most people with Alzheimer’s, symptoms first appear after age 60. 

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia among older people. Dementia is the loss of cognitive functioning—thinking, remembering, and reasoning—and behavioral abilities, to such an extent that it interferes with a person’s daily life and activities. Dementia ranges in severity from the mildest stage, when it is just beginning to affect a person’s functioning, to the most severe stage, when the person must depend completely on others for basic activities of daily living. 

Cerebrofast contains Curcumin and vitaminD. Scientists took blood samples from a group of currently diagnosed Alzheimer's disease patients and a control group of healthy volunteers. They then isolated the immune-stimulating component of the white blood cells called macrophages. These special cells are known to target and eliminate amyloid fibrils and other waste products that accumulate in the brain before they manifest into detectable disease conditions. The scientists found that Type I macrophage activity is greatly enhanced with optimal saturation of vitamin D3, and Type II immune cells are supported by the presence of curcumin. Researchers found that the action of both Type I and II macrophages are greatly enhanced by the synergistic application of vitamin D3 and curcumin together. They concluded "Our findings demonstrate that active forms of vitamin D3 and curcumin may be an important regulator of immune

activities of macrophages in helping to clear amyloid plaques."

Another important ingredient in Cerebro-Fast is Amla. In recent clinical trials and evaluations done by the Institute of Medical Studies in New Delhi, the scientists had the following to say: “it may be concluded from the behavioral and biochemical results of present study, that Emblica officinalis extract has an ability to improve or ameliorate spatial long-term memory and short-term memory attributable to mechanisms like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, AchE inhibitory, hypolipidemic and neuroprotective activities.” 

DNA Cerebro-Fast 90_s_sml.png

Cerebro-Fast Capsules contain:


Curcumin and VitaminD. which both boost the immune system and help clear the beta amyloid plaques linked to Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders. The build up of beta amyloid plaques is associated with an increase in brain damage  which leads to loss of cognitive function and an increased risk of Alzheimers. Further research shows that there are several functions played by vitamin D and curcumin, especially in neuroprotection and maintaining brain health. Furthermore, these substances could play an important role in the early, mild stages of neurodegenerative diseases and in cognitive impairment. (The Health Benefits of Curcumin)

Amla. (Phyllanthus emblica) The phytonutrients and antioxidants in amla can benefit memory by fighting against free radicals that can attack and damage brain cells. Amla's high concentration of Vitamin C helps your body produce norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter believed to improve brain function in people with dementia. Amla has many, many, many benefits for your overall health, which includes the overall health of your brain. In addition, amla has no clinical side effects, and may also have specific medicinal nutrients that specifically benefit different parts of your brain health. 

Bacopa (Brahmi)

Brahmi protects against the neural oxidative stress associated with Alzheimer’s disease.  It’s also believed to stimulate the brain’s own chemicals that protect neural cells. Various trials have been done to evaluate the effectiveness of Brahmi. One trial looked at sixty healthy elderly subjects who received either Brahmi or placebo on a daily basis for 12 weeks. Those taking the extract showed far better cognitive effects, including memory and attention. 

A study from Australia examined the effect Brahmi extract had on participants’ verbal learning, memory, and delayed recall and reported positive effects with only mild side effects (nausea and mild intestinal distress).




Cerebro-Fast’s cognitive effects like memory power and increased learning ability have a complementary effect upon anxiety symptoms, making it easier to process information, recall facts, and prioritize stressful stimulus before it is perceived as overwhelming. 

X Rays showing amyloid plaques.

Almost every degenerative brain disorder (Alzheimer’s included) involves a buildup of cellular waste. 

So how can you dump that waste daily to avoid problems? There’s only one way: sleep. 

A new study reveals clues about how our brains function during sleep. And the surprise is that the brain uses significantly more energy asleep than awake. Once you drift off to dreamland, your brain cells start to shrink. 

Then, cerebral spinal fluid is pumped through your gray matter. That pushes waste out of your brain, into your bloodstream, and sends it along to your liver where it can be thrown out. DermaPsor Capsules assist the liver with getting rid of this waste.

When you wake up in the morning, cells bounce back to normal size and the brain gets started on another day of thousands of tasks per second. 

We’ve all had that foggy thinking after a bad night’s we know why. Our brains are still filled with yesterday’s junk!  

The Bionicer/ i-Feel   scans the frequencies within the body comparing the data to pre-programmed frequencies of an optimal healthy body and organs. Any imbalances, the location thereof and the extent of the deviation from the optimum are identified.

The patient took 3 CerebroFast Capsules daily for 3 weeks and was re-scanned. It is evident that the red markers on the left were all addressed and the rescan shows these areas in yellow. 

This specific patient had a mild stroke and the CerebroFast made his recovery much faster. The patient speaks clearly whereas before treatment it was difficult.


Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid. A phospholipid is a type of fat compound that plays a foundational role in the structure and functionality of cell membranes. The membranes of brain nerve cells are comprised of 10 percent Phosphatidylserine. 

Phosphatidylserine plays many different roles in the brain. Overall, it plays a multifaceted and crucial role in maintaining and supporting brain function.



Studies have shown that quercetin acts like a neuro-protective nutrient. It protects brain cells from damage caused by repetitive excitatory electrical impulses common in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and similar neurodegenerative conditions.

In addition, quercetin has been shown to reduce the toxic effect of abnormal amyloid-beta proteins that can accumulate in brain tissue – producing problems with memory loss and even dementia.  In a study, subjects were exposed to 7 days of high altitude to the point of creating a serious low oxygen state inducing neuro-degeneration to the hippocampus and consequent memory loss. Subjects given quercetin did not experience the damage to the hippocampus and showed no signs of memory problems, thus preventing the neuro-degeneration. Many people with poor circulatory health fail to get enough oxygen in to their brains and are living more or less as if they were at high altitude. Their blood pressure begins to rise as a back up attempt to rush oxygen to their brains and doctors give them blood pressure medication so as to treat a number, which actually further reduces circulation to the brain and locks in the low brain oxygen state (with consequent brain aging and injury). The solution is actually to restore healthy circulation to the brain with exercise and other changes, while protecting it with antioxidant nutrients like quercetin. 

EDTA Removes beta-amyloid plaques and can improve or slow the progression of Alzheimer's Disease. Once EDTA is absorbed by the body, it has the following remarkable effects.

  • The brain cells that control learning, reasoning, coordination, and memory are rejuvenated.

  • Nerve endings, once deadened, are revived and electrified.

  • Extremities—arms and hands, legs and feet—once cold, tingling and numb are now being warmed and desensitized by abundant supplies of life-giving blood.

  • Skin that was thinning and weakening regains its smoothness, elasticity and youthful glow.

Each 400mg Vegicap contains: Phosphatidylserine 100mg; Amla 100mg; Curcumin 50mg; Brahmi 50mg; EDTA 50mg; Quercetin 50mg; Cholecalciferol 2000iu .5mg. BioPerine 2,5mg.  Contains no fillers, preservatives or bulking agents.

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