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Arthrofast for extreme sports

-Rebuild damaged cartilage & connecting tissue

-Reduce inflammation and speed up healing of bruises

-Speed up recovery from bone injuries and associated connective tissues

-Produce synovial fluid to joints, bursae and synovium

-Tighten or loosen (as needed) tendons, ligaments, joints & attachments associated with repetitive stress, injury & inflammation

One of the main ingredients in Arthrofast is Solomon's Seal. 


Solomon's Seal has the following properties:


Tightens or loosens (as needed) tendons, ligaments and connective tissues.

Harmonizes, feeds, and lubricates tendons, ligaments, attachments and muscles and has the ability to "read" the body's connective tissues. In doing so, its properties adjust the tissue accordingly, i.e. tightening a ligament or tendon if it is determined to be too loose, or loosening it if too tight. If a tear is determined, it rallies the body to restore the tissue to optimal use.If more moisture or fluid is needed for that tissue it attempts to increase the amount.















Reduces inflammation at the affected joint location

Restores and regulates appropriate amount of synovial fluid in the bursae

Solomon's Seal is very effective in all conditions of bursitis and tendonitis (such as Tennis Elbow and the like). Bursitis is often treated with over-the-counter pain relievers that can affect and irritate the gastrointestinal tract. Solomon's seal, taken as a tincture, salve and liniment is an excellent alternative with no side effects.















Helps rebuild cartilage, especially in combination with Horsetail tincture

Helps the cartilage to regenerate through the adjusting of the connective tissue tensions on the joint.

Use before resorting to surgery or as an accompaniment to any surgical procedures (i.e. Solomon's Seal can help to prevent the need for surgery or hasten recovery after surgery).

Perhaps the greatest benefit Solomon's Seal provides in joints is the regulation of necessary synovial fluid that buffers the joint bones rubbing against each other because of absent or damaged cartilage. Researchers are at odds as to whether cartilage can optimally regenerate itself. However, Solomon's Seal appears to aid somewhat in this proces. Many people have found improved comfort and mobility using our tinctures and formulas.

Produces a "plastic response" through its inherent ability to help injured or diseased tissues return to their original state and quality.

Supports reestablishment of tissue balance to correct old injuries and prevent new injuries.

Should new injuries occur, they will heal much faster if Solomon's Seal is present in the body tissues.

Is a valuable connective tissue anti-inflammatory and can help moderate symptoms caused by arthritis.

Solomon's Seal is especially effective in regenerating tissue damage. It also strives to regulate moisture and lubrication of tissues to enhance and hasten healing. It promotes the secretion of synovial fluids to joint areas.



Tendon attached to bone

Strengthens and harmonizes entire muscular/skeletal system.

Reduces inflammation of muscles and related tissues as a result of injury or strain. Contains substances that help knit muscle tears by reducing inflammation. It strives to lubricate these tissues to help flush toxins.

Arthrofast strengthens the muscular skeletal system
Arthrofast restores synovial fluid
Arthrofast reduces inflammation

Helps produce more, or higher quality, synovial fluid to create less friction or grinding in joints.

Lubricates and strengthens connective tissues around joints (tendons & ligaments).

Reduces inflammation in joints and surrounding connective tissues

Increases joint flexibility.

Solomon's Seal is excellent for dealing with all types of joint issues. It reduces inflammation and strives to add lubrication and synovial fluid to the joint areas.

Arthritis in the knee
Diagram of the knee joint
Arthrofast relieves pressure on the joints

"Arthrofast eases joint discomfort while running and speeds up recovery time after a race."

DNA Athro-Fast 90_s_sml.png
Arthrofast relieves inflammation in the hips

Solomon's Seal is constantly "reading" the body to determine how to help it heal itself. This "regeneration response" is what makes this herb so effective. Whether used alone, or in combination with other herbs to create a synergistic healing effect (as in the use of a tincture formula or salve), Solomon's Seal is an invaluable, potential alternative to costly prescription medications, surgery or radical treatments.

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